I have been fortunate enough to work with/done business with some great musicians including: Christophe Piot, All Right Music, 
Underground Productions Rich Cronin, Taryn Murphy,, Cori Yarckin 
Grammy winning publisher Mark Meckel (Emmy Lou Harris 2006, The Connection), Nathan Meckel, 
Burton Collins (Celine Dion), Chrissy the Rondo Brothers 
I have been involved with songs that have been licensed for Melrose Place, Pop School (Licensed theme song), Masters of Horror, Redbana Dance Audition (video game), Prison Break, Joan Rivers “How’d You Get So Rich” on TV Land.. Chrissy’s song Strut which I am involved with has over 1.2 million plays on Iheart Music, formerly Clear Channel Discover New Music. Their has been rotation of Strut on KISS XM 21 (Clear Channel). 
I am a drummer and dancer (jazz dance).I also publish and own several fashion and music websites including and I DJ and own my own music podcast Music That Lasts which has been aired on CBS Radio KYOU radio . Music That Lasts is located at