I have collaborated on songs that have been licensed for Melrose Place, Pop School (Licensed theme song), Masters of Horror, Redbana Dance Audition (video game), Prison Break, Joan Rivers “How’d You Get So Rich” on TV Land, VH1 Single Ladies and more. I am an Executive Producer, Composer, Drummer and Dancer. I also have experience managing singers and models. See my full bio in the About section


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Gonna Be (Chrissy)-Theme From The Pilot TV Show Pop School

Title: Me Without You 
Artist: Chrissy 
Vocal Arrangement: Chrissy 
Executive Producers: Mark Meckel, Evan Shapiro 
Composers: Dow Brain, Brad Young, Nathan Meckel, Burton Collins 
Producers: Underground Productions and Nathan Meckel 
Publishers: Clashing Plaids (ASCAP) Big Underground Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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Model: Ashley Sahakian

Photographer and Videographer: Louis Jezsik, Romantic Photographic

Music: Evan Shapiro

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